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Young Black Leaders of Tomorrow

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The main reason for our orginization is to promote youth envolvment in politics.

This site was set up on Sept. 2005 to help change the problems in our community I simpily got tired of talking about a soulition and started created one. Young black Leaders of tomorrow is an orginization founded by a few of Oakland's youth. Our Orginization is a small yet rapidly growing at the time we consist of 11 members and are allways looking for more. our focus is to bring together young people from across the country to make a change in all of our community's  I'll mainly use this site to post info on community objectives, bi-weekly meetings, new members, youth forms so on and so forth. Right now our main location is in Oakland, CA. but as the orginizationg grows so will we.The whole purpose of this site is you the young leader... we need your e-mail's and phone calls we want to know the problems in your community's wheather its racial injustice in school, at work or even if you need homework help tell us your problems and we will help. Were a real grassroots orginization here to help in any way possible. I cant stress enough to please e-mail e-mail e-mail we check them everyday, and we can't get enough of them so keep the e-mail's coming.
If You click on the important info link it will list alot of important local and nation wide political information if you have anything that you would want me to add just e-mail it and ill be glad to post it..

I'll update this site frequently, so make sure to check back.



What's New?

10/01/05 - Ronald V. Dellums announces his candidacy for mayor
10/07/05 - new date 
10/15/05 - BI-mothly meeting

10/28/05 - Our first youth fourm at Skyline High School (projected date)

11/06/05 - The Budget Process (workshop)